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Hi all. I've been trying for awhile now to get my old Namtai PS2 Eyetoy to work in FaceTracknoIR. I followed this guide to get the drivers installed on Windows 8. It works because it shows up in the device manager as a PS2 Eyetoy, it says so in FacetracknoIR, and the little test program that came with the drivers work with it.

However it seems as though FaceAPI 3.2.6 (I installed the non-commercial version) does not detect the Eyetoy. I followed this video hoping to see if I was doing something wrong. The guy in the video downloaded the drivers for the PS3 Eyetoy which seems to work with FaceAPI because when I click on the Start button in FaceTracknoIR, it says No Camera Detected...backwards.

When I click on the settings and then camera [for FaceAPI] it shows PS3 Eyetoy. It seems as though FaceAPI is not detecting the PS2 drivers because once I uninstalled the PS3 drivers, it stopped working.

So I'm lost. I've read tons of forum posts where people have got it to work with the PS2 Eyetoy, but they never say how.

So I guess the question is, what drivers do I need to get FaceAPI to detect the PS2 Eyetoy?
If I can't get it to work with FaceAPI, what else can I do?