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That also makes sense regarding how quickly the water should be getting through the loop. I was definitely aiming for as little tubing as possible, so will try to keep that as true as possible.

Is there any issue with moving the pump down to the bottom left of the case? I'm not sure if I'll have enough room to put the pump & reservoir in next to each other and have it to my liking? So was considering moving the pump to the bottom left. Only issue should be the routing of the PSU cables, but I think that can be organised.

I see no problem there once you would be able to have the pump always fed when filling. Something I would try to change is the T-Piece position, because having it at the lowest point possible is good for bleeding ease. In your drawings, however, it's at the middle height of the loop, which I think would make maintenance a little slower, but nothing to worry rolleyes.gif.