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I recently heard about how on linux, you are able to use OpenCL 1.1 on nvidia legacy devices, including the Geforce 7 series, though unfortuantely I can't remember where I found that information so it's hard to confirm.

I have an old 7900GT lying around with 256MB of VRAM, which really isn't enough to play games but definitely sufficient for your average OpenCL task. The core is actually still pretty good - low-end for today's standards and a bit power hungry but it still has a lot of grunt to it. What I'm wondering is if anyone can confirm that it really is possible to use a 7900GT for openCL tasks (windows or linux), and maybe a program to recommend that ought to work?

I'm well aware that most GPGPU applications will not work with this, but if it really does support openCL 1.0 or 1.1, that should be enough to make it usable.

I'd test all of this myself but I don't want to use my current computer as a permanent solution for it. If I can get any definite answers, I've got an old core 2 duo lying around and maybe I could buy a new mobo for that, overclock it, and stick this GPU in there with it. Maybe even use it for some 4:3 gaming. I just don't like throwing out capable hardware, even if it is old, and I think today, a 7900 is better at being a GPGPU than a gaming GPU.
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