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Im in the middle of building a new active directory / file server.

Here is what i have (or what is on the way to my place)

Lian Li PC-D8000 (with 10x dual hotswap backplates / 2x 4hdd in 3cd adapters)
AMD Opteron 3380 (at stock) with an antec h2o 650
Asrock 990FX Extreme4
Adaptec ASR-52445 28-port SAS RAID Controller 24x Internal + 4x External Ports
PCI-e to Mini PCI-e adapter with Intel Centrino Advanced N 6250 Wifi/WiMAX
PCI-e to Mini PCI-e adapter with Intel Centrino Ultimate N 6300 Wifi
2x BiWin 240gb sata3 ssd
PCI ADSL2+ modem
140mm Enermax T.B. Silence x3 (750rpm)
120mm Enermax T.B. Silence x8 (900rpm)
AMD HD 5450 pci-e (only cause it is 9w on idle)

to start with there will be
5x WD Red 3Tb
4x Seagate 2Tb
2x WD SE 4Tb

but will be expanded to 28 hard drives (most likely either WD Reds or SE's)

the only other thing i need to get is the ram, but it will be a 32gb kit (4x 8gb) 1600 something (havent decided yet) and the power supplies.

ive used a psu cal, and it says the max draw will be about 513watt (and recommended is 563watt) but since the system will be idling 90% of the time, then it will only draw about 330w

now the stupid question i have, is what would be better
using a single Seasonic Platinum-660 (SS-660XP2 Active PFC F3)
or use a dual fanless power supplies? Seasonic Platinum-400 Fanless (SS-400FL2 Active PFC F3)

i would have the 28 hard drives running on 1 power supply, and everything else and the 2 ssd's on the other

what do peoples think?

edit: also i need fully modular cause i will be having my first attempt at making fully custom cables.
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