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Hello all....

I have a HP X2301 monitor that I have had for almost 3 years. It has done it's purpose with my gaming needs along with browsing the Net etc. The monitor itself is more Or less on for 14 hours a day. but only three months ago I have ran into, to what it seems that the monitor is flashing purple, for 2 to 3 seconds, if that. And this will happen randomly.

What I mean by "Random" Is that I can go within days without it happening. Sometimes a week, without this occurrence happening. Again sometimes the whole screen will become purple. Sometimes only a small part of the screen will turn purple. At this time it will blink for no more then two to three seconds then stop.

I just wanted to add that no errors are showing in the Event Viewer that could be identifying this issue.

I was wondering have any of you guys ran into an issue like this? Could it be a driver issue? Monitor? Or something else?

Thanks all.