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The purpose of this mod was to lower the temperature of my GTX 760 while it was mining DOGEcoin.
I used EVGA Precision X to monitor temperatures. Before the mod the temps would range from 64C-66C depending on how high my side panel fan was set.
I noticed that when the side fan was set at medium versus full power i actually got better temps. I would get about 65C-66C with the fan set at high.
When sat at medium i got 65C with occasional dips to 64C.
After the the mod with the side panel fan set at medium i have a very stable 63C with a very very rare dip to 62C.
The side panel fan is a very important factor to the cooling as with the side panel removed the temperature quickly reaches 64C and stays at 64C when there is no side panel.

For the mod i used 3M 8810 thermal adhesive, two 32x40x11mm black aluminum heatsinks and 2 14x14x6mm black aluminum heatsinks and a small fan i found on my desk.
I attached the the heatsinks to the EVGA backplate as pictures with the 8810 adhesive. I attached the fan by taping it to the heatsink with regular clear scotch tape (#ghetto but it works very well).

Overall i think the fan is cooling the card more than the heatsink because it allows the warm air to circulate under the backplate.
Either way i achieved the result which i was looking for, a temperature drop of at least 1C.
(Clcik on photos to see larger)