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Originally Posted by heroxoot View Post

I got dogs and clean my PC once every 3 weeks to a month. You might consider doing it monthly.

I've got hardwood floors, so the dust build up is really reduced, and I usually keep the animals out of this room.

The cards impressed initially, but I found that BF3 on High would struggle, with two cards (as you can imagine, not much better with just one)!! Fortunately, my OC'd processor would pick up some of the slack, but I never got to really experience my eyefinity setup being playable (FPS drops were even worse then).

I know it's not the CPU, and I know uprated memory speeds beyond 1600MHz don't mean much beyond benching, SSD is working just fine, etc.
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So, I've pulled out the main card, swapped in the second for a one-card setup, and downgraded drivers from the Beta drivers back to 13.12.

Ran the basic preset 1080 benchmark and Furmark and it scored a measly 1738 points.

A single 5870 (which I have in the older rig) outperformed a single 6970. See results here: http://www.geeks3d.com/20120413/furmark-opengl-benchmark-scores-comparative-charts/

During the test, GPU Usage was up to 99%, so no issues there. Max frames were 31, min 29, avg 29. Max temp was 79C.

For those who don't know, the preset test is run at 1080p with 0X MSAA (none).

Core clock is 900MHz and Mem clock is at 1400MHz, so everything is default.

CPU is OC'd to 4.5GHz, and memory is downclocked to 1600HMz.

These cards are long beyond warranty if there's anything actually wrong with them; I've come to the conclusion that if there is in fact nothing amiss, these cards themselves are just disappointing.

ETA: I will do the same benchmark tests with the main card and report back as well.

Also, when playing Diablo 3, I have ripples/lines across the screen. Haven't noticed in any other game.
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Ran the same preset tests on "The Beast" with the 5870, and it trucked through and beat out the 6970...

With an Average of 37FPS, it scored 2143 points compared to the 6970's 1738 points. This while running a standard clocked i7-960, and having the 5870 at 875MHz core clock and 1250MHz memory clock.

So my question is this, is this a sign of possibly a defective card (haven't tested the other 6970, nor tested in a CF setup), or are these cards just poor performers in general?

They're long out of warranty, so a repair isn't an option should there in fact be defects.

Should I roll back the drivers to a previous version and try again? If so, which drivers yielded the most success for these particular cards?
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