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Drain port on corsair 250D

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Hi everyone (again)!

I'm at last part of my build but I have one problem with my loop.
As I know that I will have problems (First time build a pc, first time build a wc...) I want a DRAIN Port for make my life simple and drain it if I have any problem with our splashing all my hardware.

The problem is the case..
It's a Corsair Obsidian 250d, with a Koolance RP1250, a Alphacool Ut60 in front and a Alphacool 240 on side.

I wanted to use the bottom port of the UT60 but there is no space for a fitting... Also thinked to put a T-line on the tube that goes from the GPU to the UT60, but it's not the lowest point and sincerely it's totally aesthetical.

The order of the loop is:


I was thinking on a QDC on the inlet port of the pump, connect it to an other tube going outside and turn on the pump a little to get all coolant out, but I think that if the pump runs dry.... It will be a problem...

Any ideas/solutions?

Sorry about The loooong text and thanks in advance
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Need help!

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Do not go the pump route. It really is just not worth it. If you can't put a T fitting in the lowest point just find the lowest point where you can. You can always tilt the case around to get the water out. Pictures of your setup would also be really helpful.
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The lowest point will be the bottom radiator port but it's block...
Maybe I just have to put a T line on the tube going from gpu to front rad.

Other option.... A drill pump connected somewhere on the loop?
I remember someone that do this...
It's dangerous for the pump or something?
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I don't know what that is. So I couldn't help you there.
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I have seen it here:

But I really dont know if it will work on my setup, and if its dangerous...
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Drill pump should be fine. It's basically a vacuum pump that is powered by a drill. But you still need an outlet preferably on the bottom of your loop so you aren't fighting gravity.
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So... even using the drill pump it have to be on the lowest point possible?
Cannot use it with the T-line on the res/pump inlet (that its on top)? sadsmiley.gif
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Well if you do this you are fighting gravity and I don't know how much suction force that drill pump will produce to get water out of radiators and other components.
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