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Hello everyone

I am trying to record games on my PC. The equipment I'm using is the El-Gato Game Capture HD with an HDMI cable hooked up to my PC. Now I'm not having any problems recording or hearing the audio. The problem occurs as soon as I plug in my USB headset. The audio will record thourgh the game capture device and through my speakers but I can't get it to record through the El-Gato AND hear it through my headset.The idea is I want the game video and audio to be recorded by the device AND be able to hear it through my headphones while I record commentary through audacity. If the audio comes through my speakers, it will create an echo in my microphone while I record commentary. I've throughly looked throughout google and haven't found any solutions whatsoever.

Can anyone help me please?

I am fairly new here so thanks for reading and trying answer my post.

Thank you