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DD-WRT Bandwidth and QOS

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I'm gonna start this off by saying that I will try and provide the most detailed information that I can.

I installed DD-WRT build 21061 on my Netgear WNDR4000 yesterday. My reason for installing the firmware was because my roommate watched Netflix, and I like to game. These two things don't work well together on connections such as mine with lower bandwidth.

As you can see here on the right is my QOS setup. And on the left is my bandwidth monitor while netflix is being used. In the settings you can see my uplink and downlink are fairly low. I set them that low because that's what I want netflix to use, while the rest of the speed is available to me, which is why I exempted myself in the bottom. But if you look at the bandwidth graph, netflix is exceeding this drastically. I don't really know what I did wrong.

Instead of using my router as an access point I set it up as a repeater bridge which repeats the signal coming from my hotspot, because my hotspot can't broadcast through my whole house. Doing this, it disables the WAN, so I changed my port to LAN and WLAN in my QOS settings, and I still see no change.

I also thought that maybe if I set my speeds low on my bandwidth settings, and leave it like that, with no one exempt or any other special rules, it would make it so no one could exceed 1000kbps. But netflix was still pulling 3.5mbps. I'm not sure what to do, help?
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that's not how the speed setup works.

The uplink and downlink settings are global. You do not set them to "what you wan't your roommate to use". You have to set them accurately to your internet speed
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I realize that, and I tried that. The "Exempt" status ignores all global settings, and provides you data that is unhindered by QOS. That way everyone but me is restricted by QOS, but that didn't work. I tried setting my global settings properly and setting my roommate to bulk, and me to exempt. And it still did nothing for me.
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dd-wrt is not the best for the qos. It has lots of issues..try the priority setting instead of exempt.

http://www.gargoyle-router.com/index.php this is popular nowadays
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