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today i decided to volt mod my GTX 460 SE. i was stuck at 800mhz core and 2000mhz mem clock at 1075mV. So using the NVFlash for windows i flashed my GTX 460SE with a modded bios (I backup up my bios, upped the allowed voltage to 1215mV and flashed it to my GPU). Rebooted and opened afterburner up with the new voltage ceiling up upped my voltage to 1175mV and upped my core clock to 850mhz. I finished one run of Unigen Heaven (got an 836 btw) and then my system crashed. Upon reboot my system no longer detects my GTX 460 SE. I've tried swapping PCIE slots and nothing. I realize this card is probably bricked but not sure how, I've seen others with Voltages as high at 1450mV and i was only at 1175mV. I was keeping an eye on my temps as well, I only hit 82C which from my research is a little high but well below the thermal limit of 105C. Any advice?