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4670k 90c Prime95

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Hey guys, I've finally got my 4670k past 4.5Ghz and it seems stable at 4.6 but temps are creeping on the Tj Max should I be worried? (I honestly don't care if I lower my lifespan from 10 to 5 years) I know people running the stock cooler are also getting close to where I am...
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Welcome to OCN.

I would not run it that hot. Sounds like your airflow could use some improvement but we need to know what your system is to be of much help.
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Case - Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 Mobo- Asrock z87m extreme 4 cpu- 4670k Cpu Cooler - Thermaltake Nic C4. I'm using positive airflow from back to front because my cpu cooler is push and pull toward the front of the case.
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I'm also using the iGpu while I'm waiting for my graphics card would that also heAt it up?
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Also ram is 20Gb 3x4 + 1x8 I know this is not advised but it works perfect for me.
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Any component that is working is generating heat. CPU and GPU generate the most. Check out second link in my sig to get a general Idea of how air cooling works.

My sig rig is similar case to yours and my temps are never more than 50c with all cores 95-100%.. fans run maximum of 950-1050rpm and idle 700rpm
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I just realized how stupid my airflow is.. I'm going to fix once I get out of school thanks.
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Aside from temp is 4.6 good for a 4670k on air?
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No problem. If you have any questions just ask. thumb.gif

Someone who used newer CPUs than I needs to answer that question. biggrin.gif
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Got home and reseated my cooler, put the Nanoxia fans on the cooler and put the high pressure thermaltakes as exhaust running about 20c cooler!!! Thanks so much!!!!!
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