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I am running it with zero issues at all. I would read through this thread and find that you might have been misinformed. The most likely cause is the tubes leeched plasticizer and the users saw that it was the colour of their coolant so they blamed the coolant when it was their tubes. http://www.overclock.net/t/1286896/mayhems-users-club/0_100
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Ok cheers, thanks goudreau.
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Sure thing! Plus check out the pics in my gallery if you want. They aren't up to date but it shows how awesome a system can look like with Pastel Coolant thumb.gif (If I do say so myself biggrin.gif)
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Looks great drool.gif

To be honest, was starting to get extremely bored with coloured tubing and the limited choices there were with it. Now this just opened a whole new door to colour schemes. Pretty excited to be rebuilding my loop now thumb.gif. Now off to browse the myriads of colours biggrin.gif
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For sure, go through that thread. Because there are so many great builds and lots of important information about prepping your loop. Make sure you get Primochill ADVANCED LRT tubing. It is by far the best tubing with the least about plasticizer leeching. You don't have to do solid either, the clear dye with distilled looks boss in some builds too thumb.gif
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