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[Build Log] - Parvum "Liquid Gold"

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Hello Everyone, this is my first mod / case build that I wanted to share with you all. For the case I asked the owners of Parvum to make me something really creative that they would never really do, my only condition was that I wanted an ITX case. So I got the case and started to plan the system around it. Whilst they didn't give it to me for free (I wish) Want to say thank you for creating me something that is one of a kind and no one else has.. And I really love it in so many ways!

The name comes from the fact this is simply one of the most amazing / unique cases I've ever owned and it's centred around gold highlights. Along with this gold the internals are going to be black / EK frosted blocks (to match the case) with gold fixtures. However the coolant will show up in a few places over the case and will be blood red. So she's a liquid powered gold machine (I again wish). And I plan on adding a crazy reservoir to the case... but that's a secret for now.

Now this is my first real mod and I've been looking forward to posting on the forums, I wanted to create something silent and provoking. Yet at the same time blend gently into the background.. this isn't the sort of case that will be blinded with LEDS. Instead I'm using the natural aesthetics of the frosted acrylic to create something that catches the eye. And what's better is I'm the first to own a case with this gold. It's not the sort of Matte gold you might expect but more of a Shiny gold, which is awesome as everything reflects off it. And it looks great in the day time and at the night time you can see all the little pieces working away..

Now I've been working away but here are a few sneaky pictures of what is to come.


Sorry for the poor quality photos, can't be bothered to get my DSLR out it's bag. Although I have lot's of pictures that need to be uploaded!

Hardware list

  • Current parts*
  • Intel I5 3570k*
  • Asrock B75M*
  • EVGA GTX 660ti 2GB*
  • Silverstone Styder 450w Modular*
  • Corsair vengance 16GB Gold Dimms

Cooling list:
  • EK Supremacy CPU Block
  • EK 660ti GPU Block
  • EK Black 3/8 5/8 tubing
  • Mixed barbs / compression
  • Custom Res
  • EKDCC Pump / res
  • 120mm rad (Not certain yet)
  • 80mm rad (Not certain yet)
  • Assorted fans - Cheap and chearful.
  • EKcoolant



To Do:

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Reserved for final pictures.
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Well here is a quick update from putting her together, at least a few pictures I snapped so you can better see the colours. The case was relatively easy to put together, I believe this is the retail version of there case. With improvements over George Storms case (If you've read that build log) with more space length ways (making it easier to fit the cards in).

These cases are pretty nice, I'd say my only niggle is the screws are so perfectly fitted.. that I used a dab of glue (pva) just to make a seal in the block. As light vibrations could shake them loose..

But yea - Amazing packaging, not hard to put together (although I did mine the wrong way around).

On the mobo tray all of the cutouts for running cables are cut out..

Just really nice, more unboxing / initial setup pictures coming soon!
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