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HELP please, i know looks alot information ignore the middle then, i documented my core voltage in different clock speeds
i need some help to make sure the fluctuation in my core voltage is normal because it gradually went lower even though i increased my memory clock proportionally to core clock.
i would decrease core clock by x amount of times then increase memory clock by same amount. I went as much as 100 over stock memory clock.
if you dont want to read everything, please just read last paragraph and anything in bold. the middle is just clock speed settings documented with core voltages.

i used gpu-z to monitor the settings and wrote things down.

my core idle voltage is always the same no matter how much i underclocked the core and increased the memory clock as much as 100. Also 12v was consistent at 11.63, i dont think i seen it change but gpu-z says on highest was 11.75 and lowest 11.50 idle, still i never seen it change so it must have been very rare.
the core voltage on idle did stay consistent at 0.984v on all settings i tried.

here were the settings i tried and the core voltages received, what concerns me is core voltage load was getting lower with different settings, my vrm 1 managed to get down from 84C to 76C
so here are the clock settings i tried,
also the ~ i put just means fluctuations, from lowest to highest i seen.

@ stock
core clock - 1040
mem - 1350
VDDC - 1.086~1.117~1.125~1.133v **most common voltage was 1.133v
vrm 1 - 84C
vrm 2 - 54C

2nd setting
core clock 1000/ memory 1380
VDDC - 1.117~1.070~1.086v **most common voltage was 1.086
vrm 1 - 78C
vrm 2 - 54C

3rd setting
core clock 1000/mem 1400
VDDC - 1.055~1.078~1.086~1.094 **most common voltage 1.078
vrm 1 - 77C
vrm 2 - 54C

core clock 980/mem 1420
VDDC - 1.078~1.086~1.102
same temp

core clock 950/mem 1430
VDDC - 1.031~1.070~1.078~1.063
vrm 1 - 76C
vrm 2 - 55C

so basically the core voltage reaches a consistently lower number even though i increase memory clock about as much as i decrease core clock.
Shouldnt it balance itself out? should i increase the core voltage? the only thing im not familiar with is changing voltages, ive seen some tuts on youtube but they never use gpu-z and tell you what to look out for based on different voltages experienced
i mean how i know if my card needs more juice? or less?
for one thing the 12v stayed consistent at 11.63v and changed once in a blue moon to 11.75, in case anyone wondering.
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