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Has anyone with this motherboard ever had any issues with the mPCIe Combo (bluetooth/wifi) adapter? Once installed, I tried to install the wireless card to the wires that attach to this piece, and as I was doing it, I didn't realize the cables were just twisting and twisting inside until one of them finally broke. I contacted ASUS customer service to see what I had to do to get this replaced, and they basically told me that I broke it, so they aren't going to replace it. While I completely understand that I indeed did break it, the representative was not very kind in reminding me that I did so. I wouldn't be as upset about this if I had not had another bad experience with a motherboard replacement in the past where the manager I had talked to admitted to me that their staff was bad and he was working on making it better. I guess its shame on me for buying from ASUS again. Are there any reps on this site for them?