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So I am soon giving my current setup an extreme overhaul, going to be throwing in 2 new GPU's along with an nVidia Surround setup.
Now I had found a really nice one, the ASUS VN247H, for €189,- which also had a response time of only 1ms, which made it even better. Only to find out a few reviews later that the f#$@er didn't have a DVI port!

This really let me down, as I am now having trouble finding good monitors with a thin bezel and DVI port.

So I came to you guys, hoping you could help me out!

The response time doesn't matter THAT much, as long as it still is suitable for FPS gaming (which I believe that 5ms suffices), like stated before, I would like to keep it €200,- and under, and a DVI port is a MUST. I would also like an HDMI port for my PS4, but it is not needed.

Thanks in advance!