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This looks like it's going to be a fun build. Just remember to take your time on the acrylic bending, measure twice (or three times) cut once, and remember if you don't like it just redo it.
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Thanks! And I think I am just going to make bends from one component to the next so I will literally be cutting only when necessary. We will see. Also cant decide if i am going to be removing the front 5.25" cage. Not a big fan of drilling out rivets, but it would clean it up a good bit inside. Also I could have more room for mounting a rad and my reservoir.
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Update time ladies and gentlemen. The other night while uber bored I got the fantastic idea (with a little help from the people of reddit) to remove my 5.25" bays so I did! Really digging how much room I have for activities! Will likely be getting a large sheet of white acrylic to fill the void. Will likely mount my pump and res on it too. Who knows?

With the bay still in for comparison.

Such room

And from the front!

Also I have ordered my rads, and my res, should be here in 4-7 days, minus the res which will take around 1-18 days to be back in stock. ;_;
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Looks good man hopefully the stuff comes back in stock soon!
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Originally Posted by DannyG View Post

Looks good man hopefully the stuff comes back in stock soon!

I hope so too. Not very happy with frozencpu right now though. Ordered early Friday morning and it's now Wednesday and still no word on a shipping number or anything. May be my bank as well. I noticed that shortly after I was charged that the money returned to my account, then was withdrawn again today.

However I am excited because I will likely have the pump, typing and CPU block shortly as well. Asked my Dad for them for my birthday. We will see though. Nothing's for certain. If he does get them than I will only need my vga block, and fittings before my water loop can be completed. Altough I really would like a piece of white acrylic to mount my pump / res on right where all my bay's used to be.
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Look what came today!! biggrin.gif

Got a 420mm rad and the 280mm rad, both of which are 60mm thick. Also got a white acetal res from ek and that is 250mm tall.

Some good shots of the res

The rads before and after tape. I really do wonder how people get their tape so nice though. Took me forever to get them to look even remotely safe to paint.... -_-

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A few more photos from yesterday.

Started checking the spacing on my radiators, and low and behold the 280mm radiator doesn't fit well in the case so some mods to come yet. Also I will have you all note how if I had a 200mm Psu it wouldnt fit at all.

All sanded and ready for paint. biggrin.gif

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All painted up!

Just occured to me today how my cooling system is 1,000% overkill. For reference my last computer used a i7 4770k cpu cooled by a Corsair h100i. I overclocked that with around 1.4 volts and it was running at around 70 degrees celsius.

The h100i has a very approximate volume of 720,000mm³
The h110 has around 840,000mm³

So true enough that only had to cool my cpu. So I feel safe saying if you were to double that you could easily cool a gpu as well. That would be around 1,500,000mm³ to cool one cpu and gpu, just like the computer I am building.

Here is the overkill part. My top radiator is 3,500,000mm³..... and my bottom radiator is 2,300,000mm³ totaling around 5,800,000mm³ of radiator space in my system. Not saying I regret this at all. Just a random realization.
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Making a 280mm radiator fit in the bottom of the Switch 810. I used the Alphacool NexXos 280mm Ut60

Not easy but I by no means regret doing it. I started by cutting out this bugger with my dremel. (also I could have stood it up but I have other plans for that space. Also I would have had to re-drill holes)

Got it out nice and clean.

Sized it up with the fans in this time (forgot to do that originally -_-) and realized for the holes to line up I have to cut here too.

Marked them up

Then got hacking with my dremel again. (Don't worry. I will clean the cuts up and paint over)

Also note I was like 3mm off so I ended up shaving a bit more off to get it to fit, but after all is said and done it looked like this.

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Last few photos for the night. (maybe....)

First I took the backplate off my Kingpin 780ti to paint it white, and thought it looked pretty.

Next I did a little mod so my fan cables can go into the back of the case without passing through the motherboard tray. Right here is where I will be cutting the holes. In this pic the cables are pinched between the motherboard tray and the top.

All marked up

Then after the cut

And last but not least my rig how it currently stands.

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