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Nepton 140XL question

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Hi all,

I just purchased and mounted the nepton on the cpu in my signature. I just mounted one exhaust fan on it, put some noctua thermal paste on the cpu and screwed it all on the board, for testing sake.

There was no OS, the case was opened and the BIOS was reading 57-63 degrees celsius with pretty audible fan.

This is my first AIO, but im thinking the temps are too high for no load.

After that i had to put my kid to sleep so i fell asleep also and havent had the chance to troubleshoot... So until this afternoon, when i will be back with my rig, what could be the problem? The temp was 50 degrees imediately after the boot. Only thing i can think of is that the block didnt sit on the cpu as it should (i will check how well the thermal paste is smeared across the cpu and the block because i usualy just put a small bead of it on the centre and let the cooler pressure distribute it over the coolin surface.

EDIT: Also, an additional question... I can not mount both 140mm fans into pushpull because the pump is too kigh and too close to the radiator. Hey, its an ITX board and SFF case smile.gif can i achieve sufficient push/pull efficiency if i use one 120mm and one 140mm fan? i would really like to avoid the possibility to mount thwe other fan externaly, as suggested on the Nepton's mounting leaflet.
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I would say that is high. I have low thirties on my cpu with my cooling setup. And I'm running SB-E which runs hotter than Ivy. I would try a re-seat as that sounds like the mostly likely cause. That or not enough pressure to make good contact between the die and the waterblock. Also you plugged the pump in right? And second question, you removed the plastic film on the water block right? These are some common mistake people do so that's why I ask. smile.gif
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Ok, i got it... turns out i had to rotate the block for 90 degrees (it has a small part of metal wider than on the other sides). After that, temps now whan im on forum are 29-31 degree with a single exhaust fan. So its all ok.
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Ah nice. Yeah some blocks cool better in different orientations due to where the die is.
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Well this didnt cool at all lol...

You see how the block is wider on one sides?


Well, that extra part was on my capacitors so the plate didnt event touch the cpu.

I have ran Prime95 for 2 hours yesterday... Closed case, only one exhaust fan an temps didnt go over 49 degrees... Loving it sofar smile.gif
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oh, I see. But just for future reference some processors are cooled better in different orientations. thumb.gif
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I guess you have to align the position of the core with cool water hose into the block... Sounds logical...
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