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For Sale:
FS: 8GB (2x4GB) Samsung DDR3-1600 kit, 1.35V 30nm "Magic RAM". Model # MV-3V4G3D/US

Will Ship To: US48


Selling the fabled Samsung DDR memory known as the "magic" RAM. It was called this for the excellent overclock ability along with being 30nm and 1.35V. The only sub 1.5V DDR3-1600 RAM available @ 30nm to my knowledge.

I have 1 kit for sale, 8GB kit, which has been sitting in my closet. Not used, but has been tested to verify functionality today, the DIMMs are fully functional and work great. Asking 70$ shipped for the 8GB kit, OBO. This kit is very rare and no longer in production. Keep this in mind if making offers. No lowballing please. Product link:

I have 16GB of the same RAM in my primary rig that clocks at 2133 no problems, didn't try higher. This RAM is renown for excellent overclocking without requiring a heat spreader or high voltage, hence the "magic RAM" moniker that various forums have applied to it. That said, memory OC'ing will depend on your motherboard and various other factors., cannot make any guarantees. Silicon lottery applies.

Comes with original packaging and of course the DIMMs themselves.


Direct link:


Accepting paypal verified non CC payments. I am a paypal verified seller. Heat: