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Help! can't get stable Over Clock on i7 4930k

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Hey guys,

I've been working hard on getting my 4930k to overclock to a nice and stable level. I'ved tried basically all Ghz from 4.0 to 5.0 (No POST after 4.7 typically)

If I do get the machine to turn on, it will typically fail instantly when I try to do Intel Burn Test or Cinebench giving me a WHEA_UNCONTROLLABLE error and then forcing the system to restart.

from 4.0 - 4.5 I have gotten the machine to run long enough to perform some ITB's and Cinebenches. I think a lot of the problem is my lack of understanding how to properly overclock and set the parameters in the BIOS but I'm really unsure.

Typically in the bios, I set the multiplier (X) to multiply by the BLCK for the target CPU speed. So for 4.5 I set the mult to 45 and the stock BLCK is 100. I have tinkered with it before but I really didnt net any benefits from this (so it seems). I generally leave the vcore voltage to auto and the vccsa to auto to try and get it to turn on and run a test. I have also tried setting the voltage from anywhere from 1.35-1.495 (I have also noticed in CPUZ that it typically displays .5 higher than what I set in the BIOS) From there forward I leave everything else as it was. I typically use the XMP setting because I don't know how to set RAM timings. Sometimes, It will run for several days and then on a random bootup I'll get "overclocking failed" and won't have to change any settings, just save and restart and it will work for a few more days. Really need some input here.

My gear:

ASUS P9X79 LE Motherboard (bios up to date)
i7 4930k
Corsair H100i cooler
Corsair 750d case
Crucial Elite 2x8GB 1866 Ram Sticks (also have a corsair 4x4gb 1600 set aside to check and see if they work better)
Cooler Master V700 PSU
Crucial 256gb SSD
500GB Hitachi mechanical drive
Windows 8.1 Pro

NOTE I have noticed that there will be many occasions where the Motherboard/BIOS will accept the overclocking parameters and the machine will turn on all the way to the windows Log in Screen, at which, I will attempt to log in and the computer will freeze, then I have to turn it off and THEN it will say that overclocking failed.

Please help this noob understand...

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Just wanted to add that I have also noticed that after I log into Windows the loading of desktop icons as well as the startup programs (theres only two: ASUS GPU tweak and Core Temp) take about 20-30 seconds to fully load when previously everything was virtually instant..Starting to get worried I damaged something!
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