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-i7 4770k- Won't overclock

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I have recently tried overclocking my CPU. However, it never seem to be stable. I used OC Genie, which I read wasn't the best way to do it, but since i am new to this subject I felt it would be the safest way to avoid destroying my computer. Let me give you guys a quick rundown of my specs.


Case: Fractal Design XL R2
PSU: Corsair TX750 W
CPU: Intel core i7 4770k
CPU Cooling: Corsair H60
Mobo: MSI Z87-G45
Memory: Corsair Vengeance Pro 2 x 8gb
GPU: Gigabyte GTX770 2gb
HD: Seagate 2TB
SSD: Kingston V300 120gb
Fans: 2 front - 1 bottom - 1 back (For cpu cooling/radiator)
DVD: Asus Write/Read DVD drive (Basic Stuff)

On system idle, I get approximately 28°C. When I play games, it doesn't go up 40°C. (Averaging 36-38°C)

I am really wondering why OC Genie is making my PC crash. I've tried using it from the motherboard, but I had to reset the config with the "Clear Cmos" button on the motherboard, otherwise it wouldn't boot. I've tried it again using the MSI Command Center, but the same previous scenario happened.

What could be causing this? PS: I didn't "flash" my bios or update it, because i'm new to pc build and didn't know if I had to do it, nor do I know how to do it.

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#1 - Update your BIOS. You said you didn't do it because you're new, and I can understand your trepidation. That being said, the process is pretty much fool-proof with modern motherboards and as long as you don't physically lose power during the process - you'll be fine. Depending on how old a version you have now, the OC Genie might have failed to produce a stable OC simply because the values it used are out of spec for the processor -- the BIOS update might help fix that.

#2 - I don't think OC Genie is the way to go, simply because it changes too many parameters without explanation. I would reset the BIOS CPU and RAM settings back to AUTO and, then adjust the CPU Core Ratio to 40 and set the voltage to 1.20V and see if you're stable. If so, bump the ratio up ONE number at a time, do a full stability check, and then repeat until you're unstable -- then back it down one or two ratios. That's a good easy way to OC your system until you begin to educate yourself about the subtle nuances of your processor and motherboard.

#3 - The H60 is a bottom of the line AIO cooler, designed for silence and not for overclocking headroom. You won't get above 4.0-4.1 GHz before heat becomes an issue. Keep an eye on CPU core temps (using CORETEMP or HWiNFO64) and make sure you're looking at CORE TEMPERATURES and not the "CPU Package" temp. The Package temp is always lower and somewhat irrelevant - the core temps are the important numbers to watch. Keep them under 80-85C MAX. I prefer temps under 70C.

No OC is guaranteed - Intel sells the 4770K at stock clocks and voltages, and makes no guarantee AT ALL that it will OC even 100 MHz over the stock clock. We call it the silicon lottery for a reason, most people lose. =)

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Thanks for the quick reply! I will try that as soon as I get home! smile.gif
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