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I7 4770k MSI Z87-G45 Memory help

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Been watching OC forums for a bit watching posts and generally following advice.. based my new current rig off assorted suggestions here.

Long story short, i am having some minor memory issues. Cant seem to get it stable at good speeds.. tho i know part of that is due to my OCing my computer.

So I'm looking for suggestions as to solutions.

System i have
I7 4770k, Clocked up to 4.2 gigs (
MSI Z87-G45
16 gigs, Corsair vengeance pro 2133 memory (4x4gb) timings are 9/11/11/31 2T 1.65v Part CMY8GX3M2B2133C9
Samsung EVO 500 gig
Gigabyte 780ti OCed Wind force edition

Lightly overclocked leaving Voltage settings on Auto. Managed 4.2 gigs stable (24 hour Prime max CPU burn no issues) Voltage hits 1.185 under the heavy Prime testing (well under the 1.2 i have in mind as top voltage ill risk)
4.4 and 4.3 crashes under auto(yes i know i could tweak voltages and get it stable... but really beyond benchmarks i wont see much difference)

Left ram set at 1333 default timings of 9/9/9/24 with no issues. Rock stable and solid. Did the prime95 Ram testing for 24 hours Memtest also passes no problems.

Vid card is at stock clocks(stock for this card anyways).

Here is where the fun starts lol,
Loaded memory at 2133 and XMP settings system posts, boots to windows no problem.
It passes Heaven 2.0, Catzilla prime95 CPU burn(for 4 hours before i turned it off) seemed stable.. Started gaming.. Diablo 3 crashes random (twice in 8 days of playing it) League of legends same thing.. one crash in 2 days.

Memtest and Prime 95 memory testing wont pass at 2133 xmp (9/11/11/31 2T 1.65v)settings. Tried manually setting to 1866 and 9/10/10/27 2T 1.65v) same thing crash during those tests pass others.

I currently scaled it down to 1600 speed at 7/8/8/24 2T 1.5v and it passes all the tests.. Looking for advice here as to if i should leave it at 1600 and just try to cut the timings down here (thinking to try 7/8/7/22 2T) and BLK clock up for a pinch more ram speed.. anyone have timing suggestions for this as to any timings i may be able to shave more lol

Or perhaps suggestions on getting 1866 or 2133 to work more stable, timings settings ect for my mobo

Any help would be nice.
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Two things to try:

1. Instead of using XMP, manually set the timings, speed, and DRAM voltage. This helped on my system.

2. Bump your Vcore a little bit, like to 1.2V. Haswell can need a little more juice when running at high memory speeds.
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Tried the manual set for the memory, didn't work. Played with CPU voltage. No luck.

Then on a whim I did a check for new drivers only found one. Ethernet driver. No idea why but this fixed it. I don't understand why driver instability would only show up when running the ram at its rated settings. Arrg.

Good news tho. It's stable. And a bios update (from 1.5-1.7) got me a .015 voltage reduction on my CPU. Giving me lower temps (not that they were bad ). Now I wanna clock it higher lol
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I dont recall my timings but im running at 2133. I have 4.4Ghz and was at 1.2 or 1.22 and had to bump to 1.24. At 1.22 it worked fine even when stress testing, but would blue screen using handbrake. LoL would crash multiple times a day as well but now rarely does and typically when others in the match also drop. Each CPU/MB is different, but its possible you need to bump the voltage up slightly. For me .02 was the difference between 99% stable and 100%
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With my issue resolved, I am working on tightening my timings now.

My 2 kits are rated at 2133 9/11/11/31 i cut it to 9/11/10/30 so far and stable. Gonna try to knock it down to 9/10/10/29 next with an attempt at 8/10/10/28 or 9/10/9/28 after if that works wonder how tight i can get them.

After that im gonna go back to trying to clock up the chip.. pondering if i should BLK clock it a bit to push the memory a little farther Trial and error will tell lol
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Small update. Stability was not as good as I thought. But found a solution. Had to up the SA voltage offset by 0.05. Stability returned to 100% with that.

Managed to get the memory down to 2133 at 9/10/10/29. And the stability also let me move the CPU up to 4.3 so far. Anyone have any luck with even tighter timings at 2133?
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