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Hello everyone,
So a few days ago at my work place a random person walked in and said:
I have this laptop, it doesn't work... You want it?
My answer without even seeing the laptop was, yes.
It turns out its a Toshiba L650, exactly like the one my girlfriend has.
The guy took out the RAM+HDD, didn't give me its charger but I got a 120w charger from a different Toshiba that is compatible. Same voltage and tip just changes on wattage.
Computer is in a brand new state, ATi 5650 with 1Gb GDDR5 and an i5.
I got spare RAM and HDD's also which I promptly am using to test it out.
1st time I tried connecting it to the charger nothing happened, so I took it apart to try and reach a conclusion why no LEDs were turned on.
After disassembling having the motherboard out and checking all the wiring, the LEDs popped right up. I have to confess I started laughing like a maniac thinking that this could've been an awesome freebie.
Too soon.
Indeed there's something wrong with it, but I can't exactly determine what is wrong because I can't ask the person what was happening before.
When I turn on the computer the fan spins up, all the leds blink and it shuts down. It gets stuck on a loop doing that when connected to charger, when connected to battery power it just shuts down.
My initial conclusion is: Fried GPU, have applied some heat to it with a heat gun for like half an hour, didn't work as expected.
I'm still thinking that either the CPU died(very unlikely), GPU died(most likely), wrong bios flash/corrupt bios(possible)?
I can get a replacement motherboard for 170$ shipped. With everything working afterwards, I expect to either sell it functional or give it away to a cousin of my gf that still "games" on a P4 or use it as a Linux system.

Any experience/thoughts are welcome.