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Hey all! I just upgraded from msi n460 1gb oc in sli to zotac 770 amp edition in sli. I can't remember what my scores were with the 460s but using valley benchmark 1080 on highest the best I have gotten is 2200 91fps max avg in 80s. From a lit off the bench marks I've seen are around 5000. I'm wondering if mine are normal or not. Both cards show usage. My physx score on phsmark(can't remember the name sorry) was 5100 on max. I've tried max performance, etc in Nvidia ctrl panel. Physx set auto to card 2.
I've seen single cards getting close to 2000 score. I find it hard to trust some scores really.

Anyone have any insight or suggestions?

My specs are:
Amd fx 8120 not oc 3.2g
Asus sabretooth 990fx R2.0
16gb 1600mhz ram
750w modular psu
24"monitor and 22" running off main card.
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