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290x Active backplate delays.

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I feel I have been experiencing quite a rediculous amount of delay for my order from Aquatuning. My order consists of 1 Kryographics Black edition 290x in copper, and 1 active backplate.

So when I placed my order I was told it would ship about 10 days ago on 3/13/14. I placed my order 2/27/14.

I have just been told I wont get it due to the active backplate being out of stock until 4/18/14.

I have seen a handful of people with active backplates already, I just want to know if people have been receiving them and how long they waited.

I chose this block mainly for aesthetics and VRM cooling capacity, I am now unsure If I should allow them to keep my $200 because I really feel like I am being jerked around.

I just wish to know if you ordered before or after me, and if you have received a 290/290x krographics block with ACTIVE backplate yet.
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It's not anything to do with Aquatuning. You are not the only person waiting on the active backplate. This thread is almost 2 months old:


Aquacomputer has had production delays on them and has had all of their resellers, including Aquatuning, waiting on them. The Aquacomputer website currently says:
Article is in production
Estimated lead time 21 days


But I don't know how accurate that date actually will be, or how often they are updating that page. Might be sooner, or wouldn't surprise me if it's longer than that, especially to get the product in the hands of resellers.
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Thanks for the input. I'm just tired of 93c temps on my card.
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