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Hi, new to the forums! Been browsing here on and off for a while now but until recently I stumbled across a problem I cannot seem to find the answer to! Anyways, I just got two free Quadro FX3700's from work and was wanting to test them out in my rig just cause. My main goal here isn't totally trying to convert them into 9800GT's but really trying to get the SLI function enabled on them. I have tried these cards out on a test board at work: Asus P5N-D w/ Windows 7 64bit; and I have gotten them into SLI with ease! I put them into my rig at home: Asus Z87-A w/ Windows 8.1; and my cards are being seen but the SLI option is not available in the nVidia Control Panel, and it is saying SLI is Disabled in the 'Topology' section. I have tried all the different Quadro Drivers to no avail. I then tried using RivaTuner to turn these cards into their 9800GT counterparts hoping SLI would be more obtainable. And RivaTuner is apparently not going to let me use NVStrap because of my OS, even when disabling Driver Signing.

All I'm really trying to obtain is SLI between these two cards, and I know it is functional. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!