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Okay, so I'm exactly sure where to post this problem but this sub-forum seems as good as any.

I've been having the strangest problem with logging into my account on the Elder Scrolls Online website. No matter what computer or device I use to try and login to their site, I can't. Every time I try to login in it simply refreshes the page. The same thing happens if I click the "Forgot User ID" , "Forgot Password", or "Create an Account" links. Nothing works. I've tried multiple browsers, I've flushed my DNS cache, and cleaned all temporary Internet files. Nothing has remedied the situation.

Here's the oddest part, I can login and access my account as long as I'm not on my home network. I can login on my phone, I can login at work, but not at home. It's almost as if they've blocked my IP address.

ESO support has been slow and useless and I don't know what to do at this point. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks! thumb.gif