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Thermalright AXP-100?

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I am looking at moving to an air cooler for the i5 2500K which I am not going to OC. I just ordered the Raven RVZ01 which should be here mid-next week. How is the AXP-100 w/ temps and noise levels since I am limited with space?

My motherboard is the ASRock Z77E-I.

Can you also fit ram with a bit higher heatsinks like the Corsair Vengeance Pro's? Trying to see if I will have to change the RAM to LP or not.

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Check out this thread:
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Thanks doyll, I'll read through that thread and see if my questions are answered there. Mario and I have been talking back and forth on this cooler in the RVZ01 thread.

Do you know real quick if I will have an issue with my RAM if I go with the AXP-100?
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Not without looking at the drawings of motherboard, RAM height and cooler.

Many have taken heat spreaders off of the RAM. Google will give you links.
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