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G400s left click issue

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Been having a problem with my g400s lately. When playing CSGO, I'll hold down the left click, and a few bullets in, it will freeze for maybe, a half or full second before proceeding to fire again. It happens so often that it's become pretty much unusable. It's only about 4 or 5 months old and has about 300 hours into it. I keep all of my electronics in best condition as possible, so it's not like I've been abusive to it.
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send back to Logitech (remember, 3 years warranty)

maybe you receive bad product (it's normal btw. Every brand always make defect products)

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Logitech is fairly good on warranty items, they've replaced 2 g500's for me without sending in original broken product. i would just grab a can of deoxit D5 though and try and get the extender hose under the button for a little squirt.
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