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Mounting water block on bare cpu die

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Ok, I'm new on this website, so please have patience if I don't know how to post specific things on the forum biggrin.gif

Long story short: I delidded an i7 4770k

I'm getting myself a water cooling loop and I'm getting a Koolance 380I waterblock, however, can I mount this waterblock on the cpu die directly, if so, how.

I know there's this kit:


But this is only for EK blocks right? I can still change the block and get an EK Supremacy full copper block but will it perform well? More importantly, will this fit on a Haswell i7 4770k?

p.s. will Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra corrode the copper waterblock?

Thanks in Advance biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

+1 if you can survive the wall of text and not get annoyed biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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I have a 380i and a 4770K that is not yet delidded.

I've read one or two reports of people using the 380i with a bare die but without much detail. The performance difference between the EK Supremacy and the 380i is so slight that if you wanted to run a bare die, I would just get the EK to make your life simpler. I actually slightly regret buying the 380i instead of the EK since I plan to delid eventually (my motherboard is defective and needs to be swapped out first).

I also wondered what thermal compound to use with bare dies and the short answer is to use a conventional thermal compound such as Gelid GC Extreme and to avoid anything exotic that might be difficult to remove, such as Liquid Ultra.

That mounting kit is just for the EK block. It might work with other blocks but I wouldn't bet on it.
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I know for a fact that Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra is quite easy to remove. I've applied it to a Nickel block once and it didn't corrode the block and it's running fine to this day, however, I don't know whether it will work with copper?!?

p.s. thanks for replying biggrin.gif

I'm leaning towards the EK Supremacy
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With a bare die you've improved cooling so much that you don't need to use exotic thermal compounds to chase small performance gains.

There's probably a nickel-plated version of the EK block though.
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Yeah, but EK's nickel has been a little flaky these day. Also, copper is better at dissipating heat. Do you recon MX-4 is good enough?
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EK's nickel is fine. That was like 2 years ago. I wouldn't distrust them over an event that happened so long ago and has since been fixed.
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