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Can't control case fan voltage

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I have a problem controling case fan speed. My mobo is Gigabyte B85M-D3H. I have 3 pin fan connected to 4 pin connector in Motherboard. When I go into BIOS I can't control the Voltage, only PWM. If I select Full Speed option, fan is going to fast, if it's set on Normal, it's a bit too slow. How could I change the speed?


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Honestly , I don't think you can. I'm kind of in your same boat. From what I know and trying to mess with it myself, this is what I think I know. However , my past rating on answering seems to be fed with I'm wrong and stupid so please, hehe..... bear with me , and if it don't help , why ...you aint out much are ya?

First off, I own a asus board. 4 pin for the fans....has the fan xpert software.....

I bought me some mascool, 120mm led blue , pair of two case fans.....these have the 3pin/4 pin adaptor...So naturally , Im thinking these will work...

But here is where both our problem lies I think...3 pins only have 3 wires....your power, your ground, and the tach... ( they have some tech name for it....but that's what it does, it reads the rpms......can tell if the fan has a problem with volts, etc...but can't control it any way.

The fourth wire ya see is for real control of the fan. Me thinking that the industry was smarter then that , bought the 3/ with the 4 pin adaptor fans would work , but no.... ya see...there just talking about the power wires, so you can connect to your actual power with the adaptor.

I was thinking like you , that my fans could be controlled by the volts I give it , but that don't really work. I'm guessing here, but most fans have 3 speeds see, and if there in the range of that in volts, that's what the push... there might be some work around , but I haven't found it.

So, the real answer is just to go out and by 4pin fans..
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