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** True Spirit 120i with more PCI-E clearance **

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Download motherboard compatibility list

Download manual
With the True Spirit 120i Thermalright - true to the motto "innovated - not imitated" - presents a cooler specially designed for selected mini-ITX systems.

The innovative layout of the heat sink is aimed at owners of mini-ITX boards on H87/Z87 base (MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock and EVGA), who do not want to miss an efficient cooling.

The aluminum cooling fins of the True Spirit 120i are staggered, so that the radiator will no longer block the PCIe slot, if it is directly adjacent to the CPU socket. This constellation is found in many Z87 Mini-ITX boards, whereby the use of tower coolers is generally excluded. Thermalright now provides a solution - the 120i is the only powerful tower heatsink with 120mm fan that fits on these motherboards.

Please note that the True Spirit 120i can display its true brilliance only on current H87/Z87 Mini-ITX boards according to the compatibility list. A compatibility with Mini-ITX boards from other manufacturers cannot be guaranteed.

Due to its low height of just 150 mm, the cooler is best suited for use in small PC cases with compact Mini ITX systems. To exclude certain incompatibilities with RAM modules or motherboard components, the four 6 mm high performance heat pipes are slightly angled, which in addition to the reduced height also results in a larger gap between RAM banks and heatsink.

The copper heatpipes are nickel-plated and offer in combination with the black anodized top-fin a very elegant appearance, probably unique in a cooler in this price range. With the revised design, the new Thermalright Series for 2014 combines for the first time the high-quality optics of the high-priced high-end coolers with the award-winning, outstanding value-for-money of the proven "value" models.

In addition to the attractive price the innovative design, the reasonable dimensions and the low weight of just 605 grams including the fan are key features of the True Spirit 120i. The processing of the cooler is of the highest quality.

The tower cooler is equipped with four 6 mm strong high-end heatpipes which are optimally positioned to discharge the absorbed processor heat to the 46 aluminium fins. The wide spacing of the aluminium fins and the large cooling surface allow an outstanding performance, even at the lowest fan speeds and noise levels. The particular angled design of the cooling fins is designed to minimize air resistance and contributes measurably to the efficient heat dissipation.

A high-quality 120 mm fan is included, which uses the PWM signal of the motherboard (if supported) to automatically and continuously adjust the fan speed between 600 – 1,300 rpm (+/- 15%). Thus the optimal ratio between sound volume (max. 25.4 dBa) and cooling capacity is guaranteed at all times, without the need to manually engage. The fan covers the heat sink almost completely, thus ensuring the most efficient heat dissipation possible.

The True Spirit 120i is multiplatform-compatible and includes mounting material for all common CPU-sockets:

The cooler can be used on Intel LGA 775/1156/1366/1155/2011/1150 as well as on AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2 boards.

Length 132 mm (incl. fan)
Width 78 mm (incl. fan)
Height 150 mm (incl. fan)
Weight 605 g (incl. fan)
Fan dimensions 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Fan speed 600 - 1.300 U/min
Air flow max. 78.5 m³/h
Noise max. 25.4 dB(A)
Fan connector 4-Pin PWM
Heatpipe 4 x 6 mm
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Good to see this, now make a dual tower heat sink like this, and that is roughly 120mm wide, then you can have my money Thermalright.
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Would love to see a 120mm fan like the TY-147 in 25mm and 13mm thick version like the TY-14013. Build a 5x 8mm pipe along the lines of this TS 120i but with 2 towers and 3x 120x13mm fans would be awesome!
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I got myself one of these now. Looks even nicer in real life! Beautiful little beast!
Will be doing some basic testing. Am expecting it to perform same as other TRUE Spirit 120 models.
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Originally Posted by doyll View Post

I got myself one of these now. Looks even nicer in real life! Beautiful little beast!
Will be doing some basic testing. Am expecting it to perform same as other TRUE Spirit 120 models.

Would like to see how it compares to the larger coolers like the D14, I know the D14 will be better but this is smaller and easier to work with thumb.gif
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Here's a review from 2011 of earlier TRUE Spirit 120 with a big list of other coolers tested. They scored the same on i7 860@3.3Ghz, but with higher overclocks / more heat the \NH-D14 widens the gap.
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