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Windows 8 from old PC?

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I think I know the answer to this, but here goes.
Started building a new PC.
With my old computer/motherboard, I'd initially bought a retail copy of Windows 7 Home Premium (none OEM).
But since my work bought new PCs and they use their own enterprise Windows license, all the product keys that initially came with the computers were left free to use, which were Windows 7 Pro. So I used one, and presumably they were OEM keys. Along came Windows 8 Pro, and so I upgraded to that with the offer they had at the time. Then got the free upgrade to Windows 8.1.
New CPU and motherboard have been installed today, and of course it didn't active.
Does this now mean I'd have to repurchase Windows 8/8.1 if I intend to use that?
If so, do you still get 30 days to activate Windows (can't really afford it this month after buying a new CPU cooler and SSD).

And finally, would I be correct in thinking that if I'd upgraded from the full copy of Home Premium I had rather than the OEM Pro key, I'd then be free to use the upgraded Windows 8 key that's presumably latched to my old motherboard on any I'd wanted?
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No. Windows 8 keys are good for use 3 times and as such, you should be able to re-use the key to activate windows. It may however deplete one of your uses.
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activate by phone. done
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I tried the phone activation.
I may have typed in something wrong, but Windows gave me the numbers I had to type in using the automated system. Then it told me it couldn't activate and was putting me through to someone. I hung up though.
Might try it again later in case I did mess up.
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did you tell them you activated it only on 1 computer?
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Yeah. Just to be clear too, the Windows 8 key I have was the upgrad version, from when it was initially sold right at the beginning.
So I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.
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shouldn't matter. activate by phone always works as long as you tell them you only used it once.
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What do I tell them?
That I upgraded my motherboard and CPU? Will they be kind enough to do that?
Or do I tell them the old one broke or something (was last used today, don't know if they'd be able to see that.
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no it's automatic, activate by phone, press in the numbers that you see, they will say one more question how many computers have this version of windows you are trying to install, press 1. they will read you a code back to input. done
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Still not working. After typing in the number, it then told me to wait. So I did, then it told me if I was a certain user to call some other support. Then dropped the line.
When I did a fresh install with Windows 8 on my new PC, I never activated it, just downloaded 8.1 straight away. Could this have anything to do with it?
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