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I will start by saying this isnt so much a new build as it is a massive overhaul of my HTPC. I swapped out the 3570k in my desktop for a 3770k and decided to build a new HTPC around it. I wanted something to handle HTPC duties w/ large BR rip file as well as play some games when I wanted to. Something like my own Steam machine.

First, the obligatory "here are all my parts" shot:

Parts list:
Silverstone SG05 case
Silverstone SST-ST45SF (not pictured, bought used on ebay came without a box)
Intel i5 3570K
Asus P8Z77-i Deluxe
8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport (not pictured, pulled from desktop)
60gb OCZ Agility 3 SSD
500GB WD Scorpio Blue
Corsair H60

Fast forward and here was the first test fit:

Cramped but it worked. The 760 actually touches right up against the rad. I put some electrical tape along the rad to avoid contact. There was also a problem with the H60. For some reason at the angle I had it would leak slightly from where the lines where the lines went into the CPU cooler. I returned it and decided to go custom loop. Here are the new parts:

Swiftech Apogee Drive 2
Swiftech MCR-120-QP rad
Swiftech MCRES 2
Swiftech compression fittings
Monsoon Silver Bullet
Cool blue hose (3/8)

Test fitting the lines:

Had to hack up the case a bit to get the res to sit where i wanted it. This will be changing soon though.

Honestly it took some trial and error but its now up and running. No leaks and runs smooth. Still not done though.

First step of phase 2: adding MCE receiver

Found this tiny guy on ebay. Works great with my harmony remote and Plex. Have some more stuff coming in this week to help me complete phase 2. As you can see the HDDs are sitting outside the case right now. I have an idea for mounting them should get it done this weekend. Also going to add an internal Xbox 360 gaming receiver and hide the IR receiver.

Phase 3 will be to pretty it up and resleeve the PSU and cables.