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I am trying to fix a Toshiba L855D-100, and i am having problems. No mater what i choose from the recovery solutions or safemodes it always crashes. And i am having my doubts if i am able to fix it, so i am turning to you people for help.

Whenever i try windows repair it loads windows files, then there comes a little windows vista like loading bar, its there for a second then the screen goes black and the cursor comes on screen. Nothing else happens, and when i try the safemodes it comes to the windows 7 load screen and it haves a blue screen.

I am wondering if its the hard drive, which is bad. If i take it out and put it in my docking station and try reformating it there, and installing windows 7 with the drivers that comes with the laptop if that helps, or if i need to buy a new hard drive.
When runing safe mode, its stops with a file named amdkmpfd.sys. Maybe the hardrive is really bad?

I would love to get an answer, please help
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