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Need a Micro and Macro guide for RTS games.

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Hey guys.

Im currently playing Warcraft III before I move onto SC 2 and was wondering is there a guide for managment of units and buldings at the same time (hotkeys, tips and tricks etc...) ?

The reason is, I always before played RTS games with only single control group and hence that is why I rarely played RTS games, I did not knew how to Micro and Macro at the same time and was pretty bad at it, so that is why i am learning now.

There is quite a few examples of what I am trying to look like this guy does here:

Now I'm wondering how did he succeed to jump to points in map from points to points while his mouse is in the middle of the screen, how does he control so many or all units when attacking the enemy and building units and structures at the same time ?

Im quite starting to learn from game to a game so that is why I am asking you guys.

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Anyone ?
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You can bind camera positions to keys. I have no idea where those are in WC3 because I think F keys are the heroes? In SC2 it's by default Ctrl-F2, Ctrl-F3, Ctrl-F4 to save, F2, F3, F4 to jump back to it (if I'm not mistaken). You can jump to a normal control group by hitting the key twice so you can use that to jump to a production building you've put into a control group.

I remember there was a Windows program to change the default WC3 key bindings. SC2 has that feature built in. You might be able to build something smart that works better than default keys for you. I don't know if doing that is regarded as a cheat in WC3.

In SC2, people typically use a single large control group for units like you do. That's for the main army. Putting important spell casters into a separate group often makes sense to be able to maneuver them separately.

People often have a special control group for units intended to be used separately from the main group, for example a control group for a medivac plus bunch of marines for a drop.

Macro while fighting is done by putting production buildings into a control group and then training your brain to build your stuff automatically by selecting that group and hitting keys, tab to jump from building type to building type in the control group. You then try to get into some kind of rhythm while playing to never forget to replenish your murdered units. That sort of rhythm is not really needed in WC3 because of that gold tax for mining which makes you stop macro to not go over a certain supply?

Links to various SC2 mechanics guides are collected here: http://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/wiki/new

"Liquipedia" is the best wiki if you want to look things up about units and stuff. Here are the articles for macro and micro on there:


Perhaps try to find something like Liquipedia for WC3.
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Thanks for the links and advices.

Just wondering are there any more guides on both of those ?

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