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Hey guys,

I'm considering upgrading the memory in my macbook pro mid-2012 model (core i5 3210m, 2x2gb 1600MHz) and I was wondering if the 1866MHz would make a difference in gaming, since IGPs are known to benefit from memory speed increase (since they use VRAM is basically the system RAM). 1866MHz modules were shown to be compatible in 2012 macbooks and even in 2011 macbooks. I just bought Crucial ballistix sport 2x8GB modules on amazon

I will receive the 1600MHz modules today. But with my current RAM, I'm getting 60FPS in minecraft with lag spikes from time to time (decreases to 30-50 from time to time)

Should I return it and buy the 1866MHz modules? Is is worth it considering that they are 20 dollars more expensive per module, that I have to pay to ship them back and that I also lose the money I paid to get them shipped to me (15 bucks)

N.B. The Crucial ballistix sport 1600MHz 8gb modules run at 1.35V (lower than the typical 1.5V) and they have tighter timings (CL9 instead of CL11?)

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