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Need advice on what to add heatinks to - HD7970

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I have a quick question on what to heatsink. would it be a good idea to sink the motherboard along with the back of the 7970 graphics cards. I circled on the pics on what i would guess to sink and I wanted your opinions on what im missing or if its worth it. attached is also a picture of the heatsinks i have on hand to work with along with thermal tape 3m. my final question can you guys circle the places on the back of the card to sink?

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I wouldn't heatsink any of it. Removing them may cause damage resulting in discontinuation of warranty ( physical damage ).

I cant recall any documented occurrences, But I have heard a horror story or two of hardware being refused for RMA because of glued on heatsinks.
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i wasnt going to glue them on, what i have is thermal tape not glue, its 3m thermal tape, should i use that? and what do i heatsink if so?
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I dont think heatsinking the outlined parts of your board is going to help at all, these caps are all for filtering if I am not mistaken.

The VRM for your RAM is not going to help either. Its already 2 phase and you have only 2 sticks of RAM.

Its just not needed other than maybe on the backside of your line of VRM's on the 7970.

Overall it just wont help much. redface.gif

ont he backside of the 7970 VRM, its going to be like trying to put ice on a tooth absess. It may cool the PCB, but the effect on the heat infected area is going to be absolutely minimal.
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So am i good to go as far as the card goes? do you spot anything of potential trouble? im just scared. i used a puddy like thermal tape for the memory and vrm then used 3m tape ontop of that and put a heatsink.

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Soudns to me like a bit too much material between heatsink and heatsource. I would liek to know the results of the temperatures. If it doesnt work out well enough do you have more material for a do-over?

also the H60 block does not look like its centered too well. May not really effect temps as the die is quite small.

It does look to me like the card is covered for hotspots, and the GD80 is taken care of pretty well on MSI's side.

Should not be an issue.
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