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Overclocking an i5-3570k

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I'm fairly new to overclocking, but have been looking into boosting my cpu a few notches, an was looking for advice on the relationship between RAM clock speed, an CPU clock speed.
Here's my rig:

Intel i5-3570k 3.4Ghz
ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Palit Geforce GTX 770
2x4Gb TeamGroup Xtreem 2666Mhz

My Mobo support the RAM speed, as does the processor, but i'm lead to believe, to up the RAM clock speed from its current 666MHz (Using Cpu-Z) (1333Mhz in Bios?) to something closer to 2600, i'm going to need to OC the CPU?

What kind of overclock is safe on stock fan cooling? Is it a case of 'suck it an see'? Incrementally increasing clock speeds, stress testing an noting temperature? Or is there a chance of some kinda ballpark figure?

I'm looking to OC the CPU as well, but mainly need some advice on what kinda synergy is at play, or a helping hand from people who've used some of this mega pew pew, laser beam shooting, RAM shizzle

Thank you, be kind!
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Set voltage to Positive (+) 0.005 offset voltage, set multiplier to 40 and run IBT, Prime 95, OCCT or any other variant for about 10-20 minutes. Keep increasing the multiplier until it fails, then lower it one notch.

After that, stress test a little further (while checking for WHEA errors along the way) and call it done. I would just run the max multiplier with stock voltage for now. Once you get some decent cooling, then you can increase voltage and clock speed further.

Also, leave the ram speed at 1333 for now. Once you find the max CPU clock speed, then you can start bumping ram speed.
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Damn snappy reply, tip of the hat to you! All duely noted, thank you very much smile.gif

I'd pencilled in Prime 95, can't say i've used it however. When i last dabbled i used FutureMark to stress test, i believe. WHEA errors are somewhat foreign to me.. Will Prime 95 pick those up?
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No, most if not all stability programs will not detect WHEA errors. You'll need to navigate to the link below:

Start button > Type in "event viewer" in the search bar > Expand the "Warning" tab.

If you have any errors, they will appear. If you don't see WHEA Logger, you don't have any WHEA errors.
For stability testing I would recommend IBT AVX. It will find instability's very quickly compared to other tests.

As for the snappy reply, not a problem. Not much to do on a boring train ride headed back home. I can't wait to actually use my desktop again. The laptop is a nice, but it has no gaming potential. tongue.gif
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Okay, i shall do just that! Thank you very much again smile.gif An i concur to the laptops not having the beef tongue.gif Arma 3, DayZ an the likes a hungry! Good luck an happy hunting, boss!
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