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Hello all and kindly thank you for stumbling upon this thread. So here's how it goes. I installed two days ago a new HDD, installed Windows 7 on it, everything went well until I checked the BIOS and Turbo Ratio (to enable me to get higher multiplier) is missing!

Before I installed the new HDD and Windows I've reset all my settings to default. I have an 2500K so I can OC it and before on my old HDD had no problems like this, it's weird how it all the sudden decided not to work.

I know, it's an old problem, but after trying various fixes found in other threads on this forum I still was unable to fix it. I've put the latest BIOS, downgraded, reset CMOS, pulled the battery out all night and it still won't work.

Tried this link as well, but cannot find FTK anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,