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Case Advice

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Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new case, I have been reusing the same case since about 2005, and it was a piece of crap when it was new.
I am running a AMD FX 8350 for my CPU, A MSI ATX MOBO, a EVGA GTX 780 SC with reference cooling, 8 GB of ram... etc.
I am trying to decided between two cases: Corsair 450D and the Fractal Define R4.
My current case is loud as all hell, and I really hate it, the concept of a really quiet computer appeals to me, and I know that the R4 is going to be one of the quietest cases out there. However, the Look of the 450D and really any Obsidian series case from corsair appeals to me as well, plus it would appear to have better overall airflow.

Is the 450D going to be all that much louder then the R4? I would assume that it will be much quieter then my current case, the fans and HDDs vibrate all over the place and its a mess, plus cable management is pretty much impossible with it. Anyway if you guys could help me make a choice here that would be great.
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It all depends on the fans you decide to buy for the case. Overall the R4 will be quieter, but that's because the 450D was not designed to be the quietest case known to man, it was built for high airflow. That doesn't necessarily mean loud, though. It all depends on your fan selection.
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The R4 would probably be slightly quiter than the Corsair 450D, but I would go with the 450D more out of the box watercooling configurations. Anyone who is serious about noise level probably wouldn't use either cases stock fans anyway. I think the window looks a lot better on the 450d too.
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If those two weren't so close in price this would be pretty easy. Im still eyeing that 450D, it seems like a more versatile case, as in it appears to be more then just a one trick pony. So if i bought some more fans and made sure they were designed to be quiet, It may not be AS quiet but i can get the noise level im looking for? The biggest reason I am concerned is in the near future this rig is going to become more then a gaming rig. I have been building it over the years as a gaming rig, but im going to be getting into some recording, I play guitar in a local band. Now im going to get more ram, i don't feel like 8 GB is going to be enough for any kind of content creation, but a noisy case could be a problem in this situation. Now the actual PC isn't going to be in the same room as the recording but if i am trying to edit and listen to different tracks, having a loud PC is going to get old fast. Should i go with the Define? man i don't really know..... It doesn't have to be completely silent, and this whole recording thing is really just a hobby, if i was doing this professionally I would put way more money into the computer, I just kind don't want to build a whole different system.
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IMO the R4 is a better chassis. you are paying more for corsair sticker. the 450D will have a much more noticeable noise signature due to the front grill design. it allows alot more of your GPU noise to escape from the front of the chassis. this CAN be irreverent depending on how loud your current setup is. if it's really loud, then you wont mind the difference between a 25db system vs 30db system. i'm more picky when it comes to noise since i'm on the computer at lest 10 hrs a day. but the additional noise from the 450D may not bother you as much.

i suppose the question you should ask yourself is do you mind the noise of a 3.5" mechanical HDD leaking out the front of the grill? if you don't even notice the noise of a mechanical HDD, then you will likely not mind the noise level of a 450D.
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