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Thing is, I was also convinced that KPO is the way to go for me (and I even like the way it looks), until I had the opportunity to use friend's Kone Pure for a while. While it worked even better than original Kone for me, I felt like it might be a bit too narrow and slim. It may be just a matter of getting used to the smaller size after having a big and heavy mouse for last 5 years, but I tended to hold it below the thumb rest - holding my thumb on the side of thumb rest ledge itself instead of on it (with my thumb touching mouse pad if you know what I mean). This is the main reason why I started to think about Savu - I had the impression that it is somewhat wider on the rear. Am I wrong? This is also one of the reasons why I'm considering EC1/EC2 as well - they seem to have no thumb rest and I'm starting to think it might be the right way to go for me with smaller/lighter mice.

Is KPO really wider than Savu at the place where you hold your thumb with fingertip? It seems just the other way, but I can judge only based on pictures - can somebody please confirm it?

Thanks for your input, helps a lot!
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I'm currently in Brazil a long way away from my mouse collection so hopefully someone else can confirm!

If not I'll have a look when I'm back in a week.
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Originally Posted by Spectex View Post

Hey guys,

So, to sum things up:
I want an optical mouse, tend to fingertip while playing (although I sometimes use palm when web browsing).
I don't care about DPI at all, switch between 800/1600 right now (gaming/web), but I'll simply adjust it. Sensitivity is about 25cm/360.
Budget is not an issue.
I am going to play pretty much only QL.

Kinzu v2 pro is the mouse you need, It's excellent for quakelive with fingertip 26cm/360. I use FK for CS:GO but I would only use Kinzu v2 for ql. I used wmo's for over a decade with quake3/ql but I wouldn't go back.

Extra features add weight, if you want a light mouse it's going to be basic.
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