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Hi guys, very new to overclocking.

I'm trying to learn as much as I can. I game on a y510p single 750m, as well as a gaming pc:

Reading this guide right now:
  • i5 2500k
  • geforce gtx 460
  • 8gb ram
  • MSI motherboard
  • antec earthwatts green 650w power supply

I understand laptop will never be as good as my pc, and heat is an issue. I've actually used xtu to underclock a BIT for my gaming as well as undervolt for teperatures as well on laptop

But for my PC, I've read that the i5-2500k and gtx 460 are actually recommended to be overclocked because of how good they are for that. I am doing this in preperation for elder scrolls online, as well as skyrim and other games I play. Plus the computer is like three years old, so time to make it a bit better before I upgrade altogether I think.

So I'll try not to ask too many stupid questions but please be patient. My first query is programs to dl. Yes there's a list at the sidebar which is awesome, but I already have xtu, hwinfo64, and hwmonitor. I really hate redundant applications.

Is there no one program that does overclocking and monitoring temps for cpu and gpu? If not, which ones are the most useful to have the least amount of applications?

Example: I have gpu-z open as recommended, but I see MSI afterburner shows all this information anyway. Shouldn't I just be using afterburner for all my overclocking/monitoring needs?

Also, I'm starting the very beginning, seeing what specs I have now for my GPU

According to this my specs should be

Graphics core clock: 675
Memory Clock: 1800

But MSI Afterburner is already showing

Graphics core clock: 780
memory clock: 1800

I can assure you I did no overclocking myself. Why does it already seem higher than oem values?

Also, do I not need to worry about shader speed?