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Hi guys,

So I've been actively playing BF3 and BF4 - and ever since BF4 got released - I have found that the OCN server has been empty - every. single. time:

It's absolutely pointless to have it running, by that I mean - as users (or platoon leaders like myself) have a lack of control over - there's UTTERLY no point in having the server running.
No one from OCN plays on it, as we do NOT have admin controls or ANY admin that plays on it.

If the server is to run, properly - then we need people who play the game actively and can manage the server.
Without an active admin and/or people that can change thing of the server - it's utterly pointless to have it run.

I am the platoon leader and created of the 2nd OCN platoon on BF4:

It is CLEAR we have players that play the game (quite a lot actually) - this is the biggest BF platoon we've ever had - thus it would be nice if some selected members (ie. myself) had control over the OCN server.
I've seen no one play on it, be it random people or OCN members. Again, if it isn't going to be ran by someone that's active on BF4, then it's pointless to have it running.

Either have a change in your policy or actively play the game. It's simple.