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This PSU served me well for around 5 years, until I short-circuited it. This actually happened 18 months ago, and it's about time I got rid of this. I have neither the time nor skill to fix this.

I think an exposed wire from the SATA power cable touched the case, so it could be either 5V or 12V. There's a nice single burn mark on the plastic sheet that lies under the board, with a corresponding burnt resistor on the board underside.

If you intend to use this after repairing, then I'm afraid I no longer have most of the cables (PSU is modular). The PSU itself comes with 20+4-pin, 2x 4-pin, and the PSU fan cable. Then there are 2x 6-pin PCI-e cables and 1x SATA power cable (2x molexes, 2x sata and 1x floppy).

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