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I need some help.

I have a custom build with an AlphaCool Dual Bay Reservoir with Dual MC655 pumps installed. They have a Y adapter to one fitting to the CPU block (XPS Raystorm Limited) that goes to a AlphaCool 360x45 Rad then to a GTX780 then to a BitsPower Flow Meter with output then to an AlphaCool 120x45 Rad then to an AlphaCool 280by45 Rad back to the Res. Everything was working fine until today when I actually replaced an XPS 360x30 Rad with the AlphaCool 360x45. I also removed all the Noctura fans and replaced them with NB Silent Black Fans because I hated the Noctura color. Great fans, whats the hell is with their colors. Sorry, off topic. After the change out pressure is horrible. Now it's very close to ZERO. One thing I'm concerned about but can't imagine with dual pumps is there are too many Rads but I've seen builds with triple 480's. One thing I didn't mention is tubing, I'm running 3/8 ID by 1/2 OD. Maybe it's too small? One last thing is maybe power. I have both pumps plugged into a BitsPower X Station along with my Lampton CW611 with 6 fans and 5 temp sensors. Is it possible there isn't enough power or AMPS in this case. I have an AX860i Corsair PS so I have loads of power, I just like how the BitsPower X Station looks and how clean it makes the computer. Pumps are not connected via tachs and they are at full speed. Only good news is temps are really low. CPU is 23 and GPU no load is 29 but flow should be much higher with all dual pumps.

Any suggestions would be great?

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