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Free-standing tube res mount?

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I am looking to place an EK X3-RES upright behind the clear window on the front of a CaseLabs S3 and I wondered if there were any free-standing tube res mounts that didn't use a fan bracket to anchor the res?

If I can't find one I know I can use the EK D5 Dual top down in the lower right compartment but I would prefer the reservoir to be visible in the left window.
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If a free-standing reservoir mount isn't available, I suppose I could always get a 4" square of thick MDF, drill a big hole in the centre and cut a chunk out of one straight side for the fittings to clear and use it as a collar round the base of the reservoir. It should take some gloss paint well enough.
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This is thr same tubing. The pump sits underneath and the bracket screws into the panel
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I would like to place the reservoir on the horizontal shelf behind the front window of the S8 though, not on the vertical accessory panel.

I mean like in this image... http://www.overclock.net/content/type/61/id/1866531/
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That will work the inc bracket connects to the pump n the res sits ontop so look like that
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I don't think that can stand safely on a flat surface especially if the res is balancing on the top of the pump. The included bracket would mount securely to a vertical panel but would not be standing upright on a horizontal one.

If you have seen the pics of the CaseLabs S8, there is a solid horizontal shelf behind that window and that is where I want to stand the tube res..
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If not wanting to see the bottom part with the connections (like the link you posted). I would bore a hole in the shelf the size of bottom and make a hat channel and attach it under the shelf for the res to sit on. Make the hat channel the width and depth of the bottom. Stick it to the hat channel with strong double sided tape (3m vhb). Would be secure enough. Use the side outlets on the bottom as they will be under the shelf. The hat channel is a U shaped piece with ears to mount it to the shelf.
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I don't mind seeing the bottom of the tube - I think it just needs some sort of collar to help it stand up. Since there doesn't seem to be anything available in the Watercooling stores then yes, I will have to mod something.

So far I had visualised a roughly 1" thick ring of wood with a cavity and side cutout that I could paint but a lidless top hat would be nice too if I could work out where to get the part. I don't have powered modding tools such as a Dremel and from past conversations would come up against wife-aggro if I tried this myself so I think once I have worked out what I need, I will approach the Case Modding sub-forum and ask if there is a UK modder who wants to earn some cash.

A 3D printer could come up with the part too - a flat disk, the wall of the collar (make it complete to ease the printing) and some struts up the side to help join the disk to the collar then cut the gap for the fittings.
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