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So I recently decided to stop playing MMO games, I am no longer finding them fun. As such, I no longer need to be using my Razer Naga 2014. My first purchase was the Roccat Kone Pure optical, which was a very well built mouse but after a short time using it, I was getting cramps on the back of my hand between my ring and pinky finger. I figured it was just too small and bought the Roccat Kone XTD. At first it felt pretty good, but after a long gaming session my hand began to hurt on the palm at the base of the pinky. I think this is happening due to the fact that the right side of the XTD is flat, with no where to really put my fourth finger, therefore i'm gripping the mouse to keep my fingers from dragging on my mouse mat.

I really like the construction and performance of the XTD but I think I need something that has more space for my fourth finger. Can anyone direct me in a direction to look. Thank you for the help.