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I got this problem with RAT 5 and DA 3.5 and had to RMA both but it happened again with DA 2013 after only 6 months, however I found a fast, cheap solution and you dont have to even open the mouse which will void any warranty.

You will need a mechanical contact lubricant with a vent like this one:

The one I got was from local store but this is similar. Now all you have to do is to place the vent "gently" inside the mouse left and right switches (red arrow in the picture). To be honest I gave it a shower ! the lubricant was getting out from everywhere but as advertised it does not leave residue so dont worry.

I tested the mouse and found the double click issue was gone but I had to leave the mouse in open air for day to loose the smell j. Any way this should work with many mice but only with dirty switches.

Although I have other spare gaming mice (G400s, Kudos RS) but I really discovered how much I miss my DA because it is so comfortable.

Hope this is useful for someone.